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The future is now

Cole Piraino ’26 

Oct 6, 2023

Though junior varsity teams rarely bask in the spotlight, the teams feature multiple talented players who will eventually represent the Blue Storm in varsity athletics. 

Mercersburg Academy’s boys junior varsity soccer, girls junior varsity soccer, and girls junior varsity tennis teams have all competed in several games and matches so far this season. 

The boys junior varsity soccer team has shown lots of growth throughout the season. Coaches Eduardo Magalhães and Glenn McKevitt have focused on creating an honest and successful squad. They’ve made it the team's mission to play soccer properly by practicing tactical strategies. Since every member of the team is hungry for victory, they have been taking their practices seriously. They have been particularly working on stamina and communication skills. 

The team suffered a tough opening of the season, losing its first four games. However, as the team is younger than last season, with lots of freshmen and sophomores, developing experience as a squad has been the key to later success. With the experience of prior games under their belt, the team defeated local rival St. James School, 5-1. Anderson Wang ’26 said, “A determining part in our victory comes from our improvements in being selfless on the ball.” The rest of the season looks bright and is something to be excited about.

The girls junior varsity soccer team had a similarly rocky start, going scoreless in its first two games. Many of the girls junior varsity soccer players have barely ever played soccer before, but luckily the team dynamic is growing quickly. They finally scored against Madeira School in their third game to claim a win in the M Cup. With four more games left in their season, the team is more hopeful than ever. Key player Anneliese Iasiello ’26 said, “As a team full of people who are new to the sport, we’ve come a long way in finding everyone's strengths. There's a lot to look forward to in our future because we have a lot of potential. I think that we can win a few more games and grow the team bond.” 

To continue the pattern, the girls junior varsity tennis team hasn’t had an easy start either, but they are beginning to find their way. They fought hard in their match against Washington High School and won 7-4 on the road. Coach Jeff Cohen iss very happy with this year’s team and their performance in both practices and matches. He said, “We don’t always end up victorious in our matches, but we have learned a lot about tennis. I’ve consistently had a good time working with the girls.” Most importantly, the players are enjoying playing tennis and fighting to win along the way.

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