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Shootin' game and takin' names

Ann Sehon '25

Dec 9, 2022

Always a fundamental part of the Blue Storm’s competitive athletic roster, the boys basketball team is laying the foundation for a winning season. “We have played 6 games already, we are 3-3 on the season, losing 3 games to some of the top teams in the region,” head coach Sean Crocker said. “We have one of the stronger rosters that we've had in the time that I've been here, featuring a good combination of younger guys and some very talented older players.” The team’s top five players include Jinwoo Kim ‘23, Jasper Hedin '23, Josiah Wright '25, Bryson Brown '24, and Jay Colón '25. Crocker added, “The goal every year is to get better and improve every day. We are hosting the MAPL tournament this year, so it will be a goal for us to perform well in that.” The Storm has a road game versus Naval Academy Preparatory School on Saturday.

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