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On Wednesdays, they wear pink

Reagan Houpt '25

Nov 4, 2022

With the approaching end of fall season sports, many teams are cherishing the final games, practices, and moments spent with their teammates before winter season begins. To wrap up the last week of the regular season and encourage light-hearted playfulness, the girls soccer team held a spirit week; each day featured a different theme. Monday was black-out day. The girls dressed as twins on Tuesday. On Wednesday players wore pink. Thursday was a game. Friday got weird with funky Friday. Team captains were responsible for determining the theme each day. In addition to dressing up, the team practiced their favorite drills and games. Kristen Pixler, head coach of the girls soccer team, explained, “It helps create a little bit of closure so we can move on to our winter PGA's with positive memories and connections from our fall PGA family. It’s a simple tradition but one that we all look forward to.”

Spirit week allowed for the girls to enjoy themselves and get creative. According to Annie Mohr ’26, Funky Friday featured inside-out shirts, bikinis over clothes, and boy cosplay. Besides entertainment, spirit week posed positive benefits for the team atmosphere. Dressing up together served as a fantastic opportunity for team-bonding. Hannah King ’23 admitted that her favorite aspect of the week was how much the team laughed with one another. Pixler stated, “Playing team sports is as much about the connections you make and the joy of playing a game you love with people you love.” In the midst of a jam-packed, competitive  schedule, it can be difficult to slow down and appreciate your teammates. Soccer spirit week built even stronger connections and boosted morale among the players. 

The soccer team has definitely experienced a rough season with regard to illness and injury, Pixler said; however they continue to play with their full effort and passion. Although there haven’t been many wins this season, there is certainly no shortage of determination and drive. “We have great chemistry. The wins didn't always come but overall the season was good,” said Nora Smith ’24. Additionally, individual players have matured and improved significantly. 

The PAISAA championship takes place this weekend, and the girls will compete in the first round on Friday, November 4th. Smith is looking forward to playing the other teams, but most importantly “getting some dubs.” The team’s energy level is high, and they are attacking the games with confidence; perhaps as a result of the spirit week. 

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