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Keeping it 100

Derrick Park '25

Apr 21, 2023

Last weekend, Zareena Sorho ’23, Zarreen Sorho ’23, and Linley Hill ’23 of the girls lacrosse team all scored their 100th career points. 

Head coach Kristin Ahlgren congratulated her players: “I'm just so proud of the three of them because they have put in so much practice and effort to achieve this milestone. It's easy to shoot and pass a hundred times, but it's really, really hard to actually score and assist a hundred times!” 

Ahlgren added, “I'm really excited about how the three of them all closed in on this achievement together; it reflects the way they've worked so well together over their years here at Mercersburg. All three have at least a quarter of their points coming from assists, which shows how well they work together on a team and how much they create scoring opportunities for others as well as finish with goals themselves. They're all putting up big numbers for goals and assists this year, and that is exactly as it should be for seniors who have worked so hard.” 

Ahlgren noted that the three earned their 100 with their distinct playing styles and skill sets, providing great balance which benefits the team. “Zareena provides us with some of the best power jump shots we'll ever see, Linley just plain out-hustles and out-maneuvers everyone, and Zarreen makes the best shot selections in the moment to come up with amazing goals!” 

Of course, the three athletes will not rest on their laurels: all have growth mindsets and remain focused for the remainder of the season since there are more challenging contests to come. 

Zareena Sorho said, “All of the hard work in the gym and long hours I have dedicated on the field–along with that, doing wall ball, practicing different shooting techniques, watching high level lacrosse and learning from it and translating that into my style of play–has really led me to reach this goal in my career. I am so internally grateful to have reached this point in my career. More is to come. The train don't stop.”

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