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Hot off the block

Gabe McGuire '24

Dec 9, 2022

Boys and girls swimming teams bring their trademark hard work to a season that is sure to go swimmingly. The winter season is their time to shine, as, throughout the term, swimmers compete against MAPL schools in tough competition. The end of the winter season also holds “Easterns,” one of the most elite prep school meets in the nation. Led by Glenn Neufeld, the boys and girls teams are destined to succeed. “[We are] hoping to have a good season. The goal, as always, is to win the MAPL and Easterns.  Last year the boys won Easterns, girls [were] second, so the bar is set pretty high, but that's what makes it exciting,” claimed Neufeld. Their previous achievements only set a standard for the team to surpass. “[We have had] no school competition yet; [we’re] looking forward to USA Junior Nationals this week and the Hill [School] dual meet. We have looked very solid in early season club competition,” said Neufeld. This solid precursor suggests a bright prospective season. Some key athletes to watch in the pool are “four-year senior boys Teddy Blake, Mason Green, Jake Thompson for sure, as well as PG Deniel Nankov who is representing Bulgaria at the World Championships in Melbourne next week. Girls to watch include Ingrid Janney, Ava Harrington, and Crystal Yuen who were all on school record-setting relays last season,” concluded Neufeld. With such a diverse, yet strong set of competitors, this upcoming season is bound to be record-breaking.

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