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Golfin' Eagles

Cate Dougherty '25

Apr 12, 2024

Last weekend, the Mercersburg girls golf team competed against the Hill School for their first Mid-Atlantic Prep League match of the season. Although the girls suffered a close loss with a score of 200-190, head coach Dough Smith and the players are confident in the team's ability to produce good results going forward. 

"Weather has made it very difficult to even practice,” stated Smith, “[I think] that we have not got into a rhythm this year [and] we have had multiple matches and even more practices canceled.”  Although the team can use the golf simulator during the rainy and windy weather, captain Kate Kalowinski ’24 commented, “It isn't as effective as going to the range.” 

The team's dynamic this year has been excellent due to the abundance of senior leadership. “We encourage and support each other,” said captain Sihyeon Bae ’24. “We always smile even though we [may] lose our match. I think it’s because we focus more on having fun regardless of the result.” 

This season also welcomed two new players, Zoe Duffy ’26 and Pema Namdol ’27. “The girls’ team is so supportive. The other girls welcomed me when I joined,” said Duffy, “We want to create the best team dynamic we can, have as much fun [as] we can, and win more.”

Looking past the recent gloomy weather, upcoming games include the MAPL championship, the state championship, and the Swing Against Cancer golf series. 

The team remains optimistic about the rest of the season. “When we are locked in and ready to go, I am confident about… [the] spring,” said Smith. Kalinowski added: “We have a real shot; everything just needs to click.”

With the worst of the weather hopefully out of the way, the teams will finally be able to get into the swing of things and have great matches this weekend in an upcoming tri-match against Blair Academy and Hill.

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