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Glax to be here

Alice Yoo '27

Apr 11, 2024

Mercersburg Academy’s girls lacrosse has been training intensively for upcoming Mid-Atlantic Prep League games. Captain Maria Rihn ’24 said, “We came into this week in total MAPL-prep mode, working hard every time we stepped on the field to hone what we have learned so far. We go into these MAPL games with the goal of focusing on small wins, maintaining possession, and hustling the entire time.” 

The team has especially been focusing on attitude and focus before and during games, which has been their key to achieving optimal performance so far this season. Nina McDowell ’25 said, “For our MAPL games, we go into it like we do every game—wanting to win it. We want to outrun and out-hustle our opponents no matter what.” 

Compared to last season, the team has lost graduating seniors who were “the majority of [their] starting lineup,” according to Alishya Thurmond ’26. But team members agreed on how the team has been strong and supportive, even with a wide range of skill levels. Rihn explained, “The team is made up of a balance of experienced players, players newer to the sport, and players who had never picked up sticks prior to this season! The best part about this is that we have all learned how to play together and support each other as we navigate this season.” 

The team identifies its close-knit connection as something that has never changed. Captain Emerson Lissette ’24 added, “We continue to always cheer on our teammates and encourage each other with positivity through every game and practice. We love spending time together and the whole team still meshes as well as we did last year. We take care of each other, and we trust each other.” 

The team was able to build such a close connection due to the memories they had made. Hadley Frey ’26 noted, “We spent a lot of time on the Florida trip getting closer to our team and making really good memories and also progressing on the field too! We won our first game and put up an amazing fight against our first MAPL team even with some last-minute changes to our plans!” 

The fierce match against the Hill School last Wednesday was mentioned often as a game they were proud of. Thurmond said, “We played Hill and even though we lost I was extremely proud of each and every one of us for the hustle and grit we put into the game and staying positive the whole time.” Attitude, perseverance, and trust, what the team values the most according to Rihn, could truly be seen through the team’s performance. 

Girls lacrosse team is looking forward to winning the upcoming MAPL games, with their ultimate goal being to stay positive, have fun, and grow as a team.

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