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Diving into the season

Reagan Houpt '25

Dec 9, 2022

The Blue Storm diving team is jumped headfirst into competition, kicking off the season at the 32nd Annual Eagle Invitational in York.  Luntu Redebe '25 scored first place in her division with a score of 183.35 — third overall among both boys and girls. Additionally, Clare Ip '23, Alex Van Ess '24, and Davis Noone '23 placed in their divisions and scored points for the team. Frank Betkowski, head coach of the diving team, says, “ The ultimate goal is for as many divers as possible to place and score points at Easterns.” Such a performance would optimally lead the diving program to win its respective championship. 

The team is excited about the arrival of the talented Radebe, who has shown great skill already. They are also extraordinarily grateful for their dedicated captains, Ip and Van Ess. Betkowski confidently states, “The future's so bright we have to wear shades.” The diving team has a meet at home on Saturday, December 10 against Hill School in what will surely be0 a spectacle for fans.

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