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Boys Golf

Reagan Houpt '25

Mar 19, 2023

The Mercersburg boys’ golf program has existed since the early years of the school and recently it experienced more growth and development than in previous years. The team started the 2022 fall season off strong by winning the first match due to the many talented golfers who are performing well, with Argyle Downes ‘24, in particular, having a standout season. Both on and off the green, Downes exhibits exceptional promise and leadership qualities that positively add to the overall atmosphere of the golf team.

Although the season is still early, Downes says he feels confident. Downes seems to have an innate ability for golf. “Argyle's game has greatly improved over his time at the school- but let's not kid ourselves into thinking he wasn't a good player upon arrival,” Doug Smith, head varsity golf coach, said. Downes is the driving force of the teams’ success and victories - pun intended. “[Argyle] is always a lock for the best score at any match we play at. We can always count on Argyle to win his match and contribute an under par round,” Arjun Patel ‘23 stated. Downes is currently the top player on the golf team, consistently scoring low in every match.

Downes uses his unique talent in golf to assist his teammates and up everybody’s game. “As well as being the top player on the team, you can often see Argyle coaching other players on the team with their swing,” said Billy Quick ‘25. Not only does he guide the new players on the team, but “he also coaches the top players,” said Jason Jones ‘24. Downes is constantly encouraging his teammates and motivating them to improve. “His knowledge of the game of golf and the swing is unmatched, and I can always count on him to help me with my swing or learning a new shot,” said Patel.

In addition to acting as a mentor, Downes cultivates especially positive team morale, described as “the heart and soul of our team” by teammates. Despite his extraordinary skill, he remains humble and inspiring. “Argyle is a one-of-a-kind athlete that is pure fun, and that's the best part about him,” said Jones.

The team relationship is extremely significant for Downes himself, as he said, “One of the biggest factors to my success is the support I have around me. My teammates both past and present have been crucial in my growth, as they have pushed me and supported me all the way through.”

Members of the golf team have described Downes as the “ideal teammate.” Jones said Downes’ impact on the team “will never have the ability to be measured because it is so big.” There is no doubt that he will continue to achieve success throughout the rest of this season, and future seasons. Downes is pleased with the team’s recent performance, and he strives to bring back a state championship this year with his teammates.

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