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A weak week?

February 3, 2023 at 5:00:00 PM

Taimur Rehman '25

Irving-Marshall Week is one of our school’s oldest traditions, and it should be a unique and special part of everyone’s Mercersburg experience. But in the years after Covid-and all of its ups and downs, the buildup to the week has lost some of its sparkle. And to me, this largely comes down to a lack of school spirit. 

Spirit is what makes events like Irving-Marshall Week so memorable, but when people don’t show up to events, aren’t decked out in their colors, and largely ignore the week’s festivities, Irving-Marshall becomes another boring school-sanctioned event. For this not to occur, the week has to be “hyped” up. The main responsibility for the hype falls onto the current seniors. You all are the only people who’ve experienced a pre-covid Irving-Marshall Week, and you’ve got to bring the energy this year to ensure the week continues to be a joyous Mercersburg staple. While getting into the spirit of the week is important, so is participation. Signing up for events, and signing up to coach are two ways in which you can have even more of a role in the week, and will set the groundwork for the next several years of a lively and exciting week. 

This year is a pivotal moment in the continuation of Mercersburg’s traditions, and I urge everyone to try their hardest to make sure that we continue to celebrate and cherish the things that make Mercersburg Academy unique. And I know, sometimes it’s hard to feel excited about something you barely know about, but trust me, after you experience a true Irving-Marshall Week, you’ll always be quick to answer the question, “Irving or Marshall?”

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