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The Andy Brown club

Caroline Hobbs ‘25

With the appointment of Andy Brown as Assistant Dean of Student Life, The Mercersburg News conducted an interview with Brown where he shared his vision for his work to come. 

Mercersburg News: “Can you tell us more about your prior experiences at Mercersburg?”

Andy Brown: “Teacher, coach, Dean on Duty, Grade Dean”

MN: “Were your jobs in the past similar to the ones you have now”

AB: “I mean kind of - it's like putting together a program. So basically, in leadership of any educational program you build out, you know what you want the outcome to be and you build out what has to happen. It is building programming, whether you are building programming for the Robotics PGA, the culture for the football team, or a capstone project. It is all transferable skills, right? It's having an outcome, how to get there, how to make sure we do it where it meets as many people's needs as possible, and then collect feedback on it and make sure we improve it for the next time”

MN: “What does your new position entail?”

AB: “It's a new position, basically in charge of student activities programming. I’m also the dean of day students, so I am monitoring how the day students are doing on campus, and how to improve their experience here. I am also in charge of behavior from 0-18 [behavioral points]. My job is to help with early intervention, such as students racking up late points, missing classes, or missing required appointments. I try to identify potential situations earlier and get students the help and support they need.”

MN: “With Trini retired, what do you hope to bring to your new role as SAC Director?”

AB : “Man, that's a loaded question. Well, I want to carry the same energy and care Trini had and the excitement she brought to student activities. Getting back out in the community is to get to more local areas Harpers Ferry, Frederick, Washington DC, Pittsburg, Philadelphia, and Baltimore. You know get everyone out and about.”

MN: “Since you now serve the school in multiple capacities, how do you balance your various commitments?”

AB: “Right now I don’t! I’m excited! It's like any time you’re in a new position, you have to figure out what you don’t know, and I just don’t know what I don’t know, right now. I’m super thankful for all the support from the people I work with to make sure all the events happen the way they are supposed to. The building and grounds people do a phenomenal job helping me out and getting things set up. So, just being surrounded by a lot of great people, knowing it's a lot of work, in the beginning, to get things established and the balance will come hopefully in a week or so.”

MN: “Can you tell us about any SAC events that are currently in the works?”

AB: “Ummmmmmm, I mean I have a schedule of some upcoming ones. Well, we’ll see, there are some ideas I gave and we’ll see if they come out or not. So, I’ll leave the suspense to hang…but we’re hoping to have some cool stuff.

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