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Letter from the Black Student Union

Isonah Dlodlo ‘23

Dear Mercersburg Community,

To some, Black History Month may just be that one month when white students joke at being subjected to their Black peers dressed in dashikis and durags. For others it may be a glorified MLK day. And maybe others don’t care at all. 

But we urge you all to remember that Black History Month is a celebration of culture, a recognition of injustice, and an acknowledgement of excellence. Black Americans are more than their pain, and there is an amazing beauty to blackness that wafts from the very food that we cook and eat to the booms and the thumps of the music we create and listen to. It’s in clothing, it's in the language, it is our very essence. And so this year, we urge everyone this Black History Month to immerse themselves in what is the deeeeep pot of black culture. Happy Black History month!


The Black Student Union 

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