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Cast the ballot!

Alex Cho '23

Mercersburg has long maintained a community engagement program that fulfills the PGA requirement. Recently, however, a small group of students and faculty members came together to establish the Community Engagement Council (CEC) designed to provide service opportunities for students outside of the PGA. Their focus is currently set on expanding voting awareness at Mercersburg.

When asked why the CEC started this campaign, CEC member Talia Cutler ‘23 said, “Many people do not know where or how this process starts. We hope we can provide as much guidance as we can to get people to vote. If we get students involved now, they will hopefully be involved for a long time to come.”

She also provided the details of their campaign. The CEC has placed posters around campus with voting information and a QR code to a website called Rock the Vote. Founded in 1990 and directed toward young voters, Rock the Vote is an organization that provides resources to answer specific questions, like how people can register to vote and how to vote by mail-in ballot, knowledge crucial for Mercersburg students.

The CEC’s goal is to clear any uncertainties toward voting and instill a sense of excitement and responsibility among the students. CEC member Andrew Leibowitz ‘24 said, “We hope to see a higher voter turnout from Mercersburg students and get involved in government and social change.”

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