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A Meri-goodbye to Korhammer

Gigi Devlin '24

With three meals served per day including weekday family style lunches and semi-formal Monday night dinners, the preparation of food is critical to the Mercersburg community. The dining hall food is made by meal provider Meriwether Godsey, who took over from the previous provider, SAGE Dining, as Mercersburg’s caterer in 2020. For the past two years, MG manager Bill Korhammer has been its directing force. However, in a few weeks, Korhammer will be leaving the school to take on the position of district manager within the Meriwether Godsey company.

Korhammer is sad to leave the community behind. “My favorite part was interacting with the students, the faculty, and the staff. Everybody's great and I hope to have made good meals that they enjoyed. I loved listening to their feedback and making the changes that were necessary to make this a program that everyone wanted to utilize in their day-to-day life.” But to his wife’s great satisfaction, the new position brings him back home to Easton, Pennsylvania, where he will be overseeing the accounts for Northern New Jersey and Manhattan, New York. To Korhammer, the new position is exciting. “It’s a great opportunity for me and gets me home. I had a place here, but my home will always be in Easton.”

Working in the dining hall is a difficult job. The staff is in from the early morning to prepare breakfast until late in the evening, cleaning up after dinner. With his family two hours away, the community and his staff here became his family. 

Korhammer’s main job has been to focus on the paperwork and the financial aspects of serving meals to over five hundred people, but he is a very hands-on director. Chances are you’ve seen him doing the dishes, helping with the cooking, or passing the meals to white coats during family-style meals. “People have seen me at the front of the house, people have seen me at the back of the house, just trying to help out wherever I can.” When he considered what he would do with his new-found free time, Korhammer joked, “Do I have any free time?” When he is not working, he tries to relax. He enjoys reading and playing fantasy football, but most importantly, he will be happy to be home with his family. 

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