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The latest buzz on campus

Lucas Chen '27

Apr 12, 2024

Last fall, Tippetts Hall gained a new function -The Shop: the first and only barbershop on Mercersburg's campus. This establishment, founded by Jamar Galbreath, Acting Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, has added a new dimension to campus life. Galbreath stated, “I have been seeing lots of buzz cuts on campus, and one of my goals is to create more opportunities for students to get haircuts in The Shop and utilize it on their own or with some of us nearby who can help.”

Run with the expertise of Lance Walker, barbershop proprietor in Chambersburg, PA, The Shop has received a sea of positive feedback from students and become a favorite place on campus due to its convenient location in the basement of Tippetts Hall. William Luo '27 said, "I do believe that getting a haircut at The Shop would be the most efficient thing I would do since I live in Tippetts and also in the Mercersburg area, and I don't need to leave campus either." Grant Kurmakov '25 agreed and commented, "Before, when I wanted a haircut, I would have to go back home or off campus. But The Shop made it convenient. I didn't have to leave campus, and I could get a haircut while being at school." 

The Shop has won students over not only because of its proximity and convenience but also because of its professional and welcoming atmosphere. Yule Kwon '26 commented, "I have never had a black barber before because I live in Asia, and I never thought he would actually know how to cut my straight Asian hair. It's different from the hair of other races, so I was worried, but then it was a very good process, and he did me right." Luo praised the experience: "The atmosphere was amazing, and the designs—I absolutely loved them because everything was so organized. What I like to comment most about it is that the music was absolutely spot on, no matter if it was the material or the atmosphere. It feels like a normal barbershop or even a cafe. I really enjoyed it there." 

The only flaw the students mentioned was the long wait, due to only having one barber. Luo gave the overall experience a solid nine out of ten, citing the wait time as the only negative. "The only reason I took off one star is because I think there could be two barbers available simultaneously. I had to wait about an hour and a half to get my haircut, but overall, the barber was professional, and I really enjoyed it." 

The response has been overwhelmingly positive. Taimur Rehman ‘23 said, "I would say that whenever The Shop is open and you need a haircut, it should be your first option." Additionally, Kwon remarked, “It’s hard for international students to go to a barber and get a haircut when you are in Mercersburg. I would definitely recommend The Shop, especially if you live in Tippetts and want a good style.”

Nevertheless, The Shop has a ways to go and a bright future ahead. If looking for a clean haircut and a fashionable style, don’t hesitate to visit The Shop on a Monday night and enjoy its professional haircut. 

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