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South Central PA's Finest

Audrey Hua '26

Sep 22, 2023

What’s a Day Student Ambassador? Well, you might be familiar with their former title: Day Student Prefects. Led by a tight group of qualified seniors and upper-middlers, this revamped position seeks to bridge the gap between the day/boarding life, while simultaneously enhancing the day students' experience on campus.

Roz Remzikas ‘24 was inspired by her past Day Student Prefect, Hannah King ‘23. “I'm super sad she's gone, but I'm happy I can be that for other people,” she said. Day Student Ambassador Augie Bennett ‘24 was inspired by his friend Holden Walker ‘23, while Ava Guzic ‘25 and Eliana Sandy ‘24 were motivated by their desire to advocate for other day students. Guzic said, “I've noticed problems over the years, and I want to help fix that for others.” 

Sandy lived in the basement of Fowle Hall during COVID in her freshman year, where “there was no electricity, [it was] always too hot or too cold, and smelled like mold.” She ate meals alone in the locker rooms, unable to dine with her friends in the gym because “it wasn’t my assigned day student space.” Her experience left a strong impression, urging her to “create that sense of equality which I feel like hasn't been there for a while.”

The role of a Day Student Ambassador is multifaceted. Remzikas noted her assistance in  ferrying students to school, providing a wardrobe for last-minute athletic changes, and scheduling lunches with tight-knit day student groups. Sandy said, “We're going to be very involved with SAC events.” Guzic added, “We have direct meetings with Mr. Brown regularly, so we get to talk directly to him about issues.” 

“The big thing is we don't have to do a lot of dorm duty,” Remzikas said, comparing the roles of Day Student Prefects and Ambassadors. “There was never an opportunity for us to really meet and engage with our students as Prefects,” Sandy said. “We have a greater chance for advocacy in the role of Ambassador.”

“I like the freedom an Ambassador has,” Guzic said. Bennett added, “It’s a nice way to stay involved in the community but also not take a whole bunch of time.” Sandy is passionate about introducing the Mercersburg student body to the local day student communities, including “the Saturday farmer's market in my hometown, Waynesboro, and the most adorable bookshop I’ve ever been in, Wee Scot.”

“I've heard students say, Mercersburg is in the middle of nowhere, but they aren't really given the opportunity to explore all the little towns around here,” Sandy wrapped up. A huge step for the community would be to connect with our local friends. “We’re in such a beautiful place; I just wish there was more appreciation.”

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