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No loners at Stoner’s 

Micheal Zhang ‘26

Oct 20, 2023

Stoner’s on the Square, at the heart of the borough, offers one of the best dining experiences in town. “Stoner’s,” as it’s affectionately called, is an integral part of campus life, giving students and faculty an alternative to the food options in Ford Dining Hall. 

Stoner’s offers a pleasant experience for students. “The food [at Stoner’s] is amazing. The first time I went, I was impressed by it,” said Charlie Xu ’26, “Now, I go there two or three times a week.” 

Jessica Nguye ’25 stated, “I love the service there. I think the waiters are really friendly and create a welcoming environment. It’s a comfortable place where students can socialize and dine together outside of school.” 

Beyond its popularity among students, many faculty members love it too. “It’s hometown and it's local. The food’s comforting and tasty,” said science teacher Michelle Eichelberger. 

“It’s a nice little atmosphere. They have some drinks and some food that’s good,” added language department chair Ben McNeil, “It’s one of the places where people can sit down and have a nice meal.”

Employees who work at Stoner’s believe the restaurant is popular for numerous reasons. Server Mounda Selby, who has been working there for a year and a half, said: “We get around 55 to 60 people per week from the school.” 

Hostess Megan Sempowski of St. Thomas added, “There’s not a lot of places to eat in town, and it’s within walking distance from the Academy. We have good quality food that makes us a fan favorite.” 

Stoner’s also suits student and faculty expectations well. “Our food is great, most times, the food doesn’t take long to come out. The prices are reasonable, and all our food is homemade. There are selections for healthier choices and bigger portions,” Selby added. 

Stoner’s helps the school foster a good relationship with the town. For employees, they have the opportunity to be acquainted with their customers. “I really like my regulars. Stoner’s is kind of like a community where I can check in with their family and kids,” explained Sempowski. 

“I love working here because I am getting to meet new people all the time, especially students,” said Selby. 

The restaurant has served as a vital bridge between the Academy and the rest of town. It fosters a community that brings together the whole town, including the school. “Many students and people from the town can interact at [Stoner’s] since it’s a place that’s welcoming to everyone.” said Nguyen. 

“Mercersburg students going to Stoner’s gives the town an impression of the type of students that go to the Academy,” Eichelberger commented. “It helps create a bond between the town and the Academy.”

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