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Music to my ears...and my plate

Bob Hollis '24

Oct 7, 2022

With the departure of Merriwether Godsey’s Bill Korhammer comes the promotion of Sarah Music to the position of Director of Dining Services at Mercersburg Academy. Music said, “I came across MG in a general job search for a catering position within the Chambersburg area. I have always loved event planning and catering events. So when my family and I relocated here I knew that was what I wanted to continue to do.”

Music is very enthusiastic to accept this opportunity. “I am most excited about being able to create the third place for the students, faculty, and staff. I am sure you are asking what does that mean? If you think about it, everyone has home being their number one place. Then, for the student's school is your second place and faculty and staff have work as theirs. So your third place is where you spend time outside of your two other places. So, being away from home and stepping out for a breather from work the Dining Hall and food are that place and reason to bring people together. During my time here I have focused on catering events throughout campus to bring visitors in to have an unforgettable experience. So now, I want to add those touches and details to the dining program.”

Sarah Music she also wants to continue to improve the culinary experience at Mercersburg. “I have so many ideas about how I want to enhance the dining program. Some are going to take longer than others to implement. One thing we are actively doing is trying to source more local ingredients. This has been an ongoing effort and will continue to be. I am also looking forward to getting the students more involved to help create more diversified menus. I have a meeting this week scheduled to collaborate on different strategies to implement this idea. I’m also excited about how we can utilize the True Blue Cafe more. I don’t want to get anyone’s hopes up, but it will be a process to get the cafe operating to its fullest potential. I want to be sure the cafe adds to the culture and the experience, not take away or cause a distraction.”

Ultimately, Music feels that it is the people she works with and feeds who make her job great, not just the fact that she enjoys her work. She said “My favorite part has honestly been and continues to be the community as a whole. I lost my brother in February 2022 and the amount of support that I received was indescribable. It was during that time I felt that even though I lost my brother, I gained so much more.”

Mercersburg also looks forward to working with Music.

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