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Hitting the quad

Crystal Yuen '24

Apr 21, 2023

Being the center of Mercersburg Academy’s campus, the quad has always been a gathering place and a relaxation space for the school community. Many have read a book in the green Adirondack chairs, laid in the grass soaking in the rays, and some have even counted blades of grass. With its relaxed and open atmosphere, it is not surprising that in recent years students have rediscovered another purpose for the quad. 

With the weather becoming warmer each week, after a long day of demanding classes then exhausting PGAs, most spring evenings students typically flock to the quad and play Spikeball, vibe out with music and socialize with their friends after dinner. 

Roby Pong ’23 said, “I look forward to the time I can spend with my friends and the fun I can have before I have to focus and study for the rest of the night.” 

Whether it be tossing a Frisbee, singing along to the music, or laughing with friends, the quad is a place of inclusivity, entertainment, and friendly rivalry. 

Catherine Kidd ’24 commented that in these post dinner moments she has “made so many deeper connections with people.” Kidd continued on to describe the quad as “a beautiful space for people to fool around, a space where students can loosen up after a stressful day, and a space for many to release their stress and anxiety through friendly competition.” 

The quad is a symbol of togetherness in Mercersburg’s ever-vibrant community. It is the geographical center of the campus, but recently is also a sort of center for Mercersburg’s students and their friendships.

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