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Catchin’ up with StuCo!

Ivy Chan ‘24

Jan 27, 2023

Mercersburg students know and love the Executive Student Council. Despite this, many do not know the details of what their jobs entail. It is important to know what the Executive Student Council is doing for the Mercersburg community, so Ivy Chan ‘24 spoke to President Peter Rice ’23, Vice President Kalwa Tembo ’23, and Executive Member-at-Large Manuel Ponce ’23. This article is their discussion of what the student council is up to this year.

Mercersburg News: What has the Student Council been working on this year?

Peter Rice: Along with running fundraisers and hosting school and class events, Student Council is currently working on a list of school policy changes including bringing back meal cuts and creating a system for boarding students to have sleepovers in other dorms.

Manuel Ponce: We have been working on a couple of things such as bringing back same-sex fob privileges, extending gym hours, and reintroducing meal cuts.

Kalwa Tembo: We kicked off the year by bringing in Dr. Williams’ smoothie and açaí bowl truck way back in early September. Since then we’ve been meeting with Mr. McDowell Wednesday mornings to discuss changes we’d like to see in the school this year. Peter, Manny, and I have been working tirelessly to continue to make Mercersburg a great place to learn and enjoy our teen years. 

MN: What are the student council’s goals for the year? 

PR: The Student Council's goal is to always improve the overall life and culture of the student body, and this remains true this year.

MP: We are mostly trying to change a few things here and there but most importantly trying to hype up Irving-Marshall Week. Culture rebuilding! 

KT: We want to bring back a lot of the school policies and rules that have changed while the school was battling Covid to bring back some of the aspects that drew us to the school all those years ago. We want to leave Mercersburg a place the kids can proudly call “their home away from home” by creating great relationships that will last a lifetime.

MN: What inspired you to run for the Student Council? 

PR: I joined the Student Council because I thought it would be a fun way to get more involved within the Mercersburg community.

MP: I love hearing from students about what they would like to see changed in school, and I am excited to have the opportunity to advance these ideas for the benefit of the student body.

KT: The long-lasting authenticity of this school is what I appreciate about it most. The student body is composed of my favorite people in the world, and they deserve to have people working within the school to advocate for them.

MN: In what ways can students not in the Student Council get involved? 

PR: There's nothing stopping you from bringing your ideas directly to the Office of Student Life, and I encourage everyone to do so when they discover an issue they're passionate about. You can also speak to any member of the Student Council and we will do our best to make the changes you would like to see.

MP: They can always talk to Peter, Kali, or me if they have any ideas or concerns with the school. We are here to listen and take in any thoughts the students have! 

KT: Please talk to us! No matter how you do it, trust me we will listen!

MN: How do you want underclassmen to carry on what the Student Council has been working on already?

PR: I hope that the underclassmen will just continue shaping the school to the way they want it to be.

MP: I would say to just push for the ideas that spark your interest the most. You will have our support no matter what!

KT: Keep the love going man! Don’t lose sight of the common goal shared by all of your student leaders, to encourage and help all students.

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