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Brewing up a storm

Maddie Weiss '25

Dec 8, 2023

Amid the flurry of essays, projects, and homework, many students try to find an escape from the stressful atmosphere of work and grades. Romanticizing study through playlists, food, and friends is common. One North offers all of this. Located a few blocks off campus, One North is a cozy cafe with drinks and pastries, where students can briefly escape their busy lives with a sweet getaway. 

One North promotes a healthy work-life balance, encouraging students to be productive while enjoying the company of friends. The menu at the cafe offers a wide range of food and drinks, with fresh pastries on display every week. Many students visit the cafe frequently. 

Leah Willis, '24, a barista at the cafe, says, "About half of our orders are from Academy kids during the school year," adding, "Saying hello to people I know when they come in is my favorite part!" Students' connection to the cafe further connects Mercersburg Academy to the local community and encourages them to make new friends in a fun change of pace from campus life. 

Many students have favorite orders, the most popular being lattes, hot chocolates (especially during winter), and sandwiches like turkey, bacon, avocado, and Caprese. Avery Liu, '25, says her favorite order is the mango chiller and the turkey-and-swiss panini pressed, a good mix of sweet and savory. 

While some students think One North is better for catching up with friends and socializing, others are committed to their academics. Celia Kerf, '25, says, "It's easy to focus on your work in One North because other people around you are also focused, and it motivates you. Sometimes it's also nice to go there for lunch with friends when you want a break from the dining hall food." 

Though newer students may have yet to learn this, One North used to be located across the street in the building on the square currently under construction. Some faculty and day students may remember their earlier times at the old One North. Renovations are currently being made to the building and will be completed by the end of this school year; plans are for the cafe to move back in. 

One North contributes to its community by sourcing local products and goods. There are many things to look at, from books to mugs to packaged pastries! Whether you're a coffee lover or not, One North is worth a try.

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