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A timeless shopping experience

Rhiannon Myhre ‘25

Jan 26, 2024

Most students are familiar with the big names in town spots: McDonald's, Subway, and Rutters. However, Mercersburg is also home to many fantastic, community-fostering local businesses. Some have been around for generations, and others are just getting their start. These businesses are essential to the community, aid the local economy, and promote events like Town Fest and Springfest, and all play a vital role in the friendly and welcoming culture of the town. However, this is only possible with the efforts of people like Renee Kelly, Corbin Kelly's ‘24 mom. 

Kelly recently opened an antique shop in the heart of town featuring a unique, diverse catalog of pre-Civil War items. The store is called Hour and Glass, located at 19 North Main Street. Kelly stated, "Following our passions led us to open our business. Combined with our dreams, probably the most significant reason is we love Mercersburg and we wanted to make a contribution in hopes of boosting the downtown. I'm kind of a daydreamer and dreamt of eventually becoming a hip little spot to find vintage swag." 

Kelly doesn't run her business by herself; with the help and support of her husband, Will LaFond, it has been a team effort. "My husband would tell you he enjoys finding, fixing, and sharing interesting items. His background is rooted in early American history, antiques, and architecture. He absolutely loves teaching people something new any time you meet him." 

If you are interested in a shop marked by an eclectic aesthetic and charm, featuring collectibles from antique clocks to custom stained glass, this is your go-to store. Kelly has many hopes for the store and the items she hopes to sell shortly. "There's lots of people who are wanting to make downtown even more fun and inviting. It would be great to hear what's sought after. Like, would somebody please sell boba tea!?!" 

Next time you go out for a McDonald's or Rutters run, stop by Hour and Glass on your way and check out the amazing work that Kelly and her family are doing.

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