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Will Tutt’s 25

Nov 13, 2023

During the summer, I was introduced to two of my new favorite movies, 12 Angry Men and Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. In these two films, the audience sees how being passionate for society and the country they live in can improve the lives of others. 

In 12 Angry Men, Juror Number 8 fights for the rights of an 18-year-old boy on death row. The jurors have to come to a unanimous decision about whether the boy should die or not. Mr. Smith Goes to Washington details how a newly elected U.S. senator fights for the beliefs of the American people through a very passionate filibuster that lasts day and night. 

In these two movies, the vision of having passion for what you love is apparent, and the passion in people to fight for what they know is right is stronger than any other. These movies convey the idea that people should begin fighting for what they believe in with strong force and sound reasoning. An argument where a person only screams at another with no intent of listening to the other’s views in no argument... it's a fight. 

If you are truly enamored of your own view, be open to others. Listen to the people with whom you disagree with the same passion you feel for your own argument. Control your fiery spirit and turn it into a more powerful method of communication. The eagerness to do something because deep down in your soul it feels like the right thing makes your ability to commit yourself to that movement much stronger than any other.

These movies are a perfect example of the patience people can have for other people; they are also told through beautiful cinematography and amazing story building. The brief context that I provided does not give justice to the truly incredible creations that are 12 Angry Men and Mr. Smith Goes to Washington. Where 12 Angry Men shows a great example of fighting for what is right and Mr Smith Goes to Washington shows you a beautiful display of passion one can have for his country and people, both films are worthwhile for everyone to watch.

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