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Tae is going way… to Art School!

Celia Kerf ‘25

Sep 29, 2023

Dean Tae ‘24 is in the process of applying to art school for architecture. The Advanced Studies Studio Arts class he took his junior year allowed him to fully immerse himself in the arts and related work. The feedback Tae received from his seven peers in the class and the conversations they engaged in challenged him to continuously find ways to improve his work. 

“Art, especially painting, is a recollection of my memory. I try to capture the moment I’m in, and express it in different ways: texture, composition, color, and even the subjects,” Tae said. This process requires a lot of thought and attention to detail which challenges Tae to find deeper meaning within his work. 

Architecture always has a purpose but often leaves room for the viewer’s interpretation. “All structures of a building are placed in a way that they harmonize to hold up the whole, and it is the viewers’ job to render the purpose and the meaning of it,” Tae states. 

Before his sophomore year at Mercersburg, Tae had never painted, and he only took Painting I to fulfill his art credit requirements. Art teacher Sydney Carretti pushed Tae to take Painting II and later take Advanced Studies Studio Arts. Although Tae was unsure at first, he discovered his love for art through these classes and realized that art would forever be a part of his life. 

He expressed his gratitude by acknowledging Caretti and the significant impact she had on him, saying, “[Ms.] Caretti nurtured my inherent passion for art and challenged me to become a better artist. She guided me through a very transformative moment, and I am truly grateful for everything she has done for me. All wouldn’t have been possible without her guidance!” 

Over the summer, Tae attended the Summer Architecture Program at Columbia University and diligently worked on his portfolio. He is still developing and polishing his pieces as he is determined to put his best foot forward.

Tae is now looking to pursue a career in art and architecture and is applying to various fine art schools that offer studio space and encourage collaboration. This includes Cooper Union, Cornell, Pratt, RISD, Syracuse, and Tufts, among many others. 

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