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Swoon for Ju Yun

Alyssa Lee '25

Sep 22, 2023

Ju Yun, a Korean-American artist based in Virginia, is opening her show in Mercersburg’s Coffrin Gallery. She has held exhibitions at the Susquehanna Art Museum as well as at multiple colleges. As an Asian American artist, Ju Yun’s journey with her personal identity is expressed through her art, a creative mix of Korean and American culture. Since the Mercersburg show is Ju Yun’s first time displaying her work at a high school, she says, “I am excited to show my work to young students.”

“Moving to another country and having to take on and adapt to a different culture and lifestyle can also impact someone’s personal identity,” says Ju Yun, referencing her migration to America. Moving to the other side of the world creates confusion about a person’s identity and cultural differences. However, Ju Yun’s approach is to unite the two different worlds using art. Her inspiration comes from “traditional Korean culture with a sense of humor and combining it with current American pop culture.” Transforming Korean art and mixing it with vibrant colors and shapes, Ju Yun offers a personal version of a hybrid culture. Sydney Caretti, member of the arts department and director of galleries at Mercersburg says, “[Ju Yun] is talking about her identity and figuring out who she is, which is so important for our students.”

Despite her busy schedule and an exhibition at George Mason University on November 7, Ju Yun agreed to hold this exhibition at Mercersburg. Ju Yun is going to “bring a whole new perspective that we haven’t had” says Caretti. “[Ju Yun’s] art isn’t standard, it isn’t in a frame, it’s more tactile and part of our world. I just can’t wait for her to connect with our students. We are really lucky she is making time for us.”

“Since most of my audience is students, I am looking forward to watching the reactions of Mercersburg students to my work? I hope they find some humor in them. It's nothing too serious,” says Ju Yun. As an art teacher herself, Ju Yun says, “Believe in yourself. Trust your instincts and don’t feel the need to rush your development as an artist. Enjoy every part of this process.” Ju Yun’s show opens on September 27, and sips and nibbles will be held on September 30 during Family and Alumni Weekend.

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