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Spotlight on the Arts Showcase

Rhiannon Myhre '25

Oct 7, 2022

This past Saturday, the Burgin Center for the Arts featured a showcase as part of Family and Alumni weekend to exhibit the work of the dancers, actors, and musicians since the start of school. The night included comedy skits performed by Stony Batter, pieces from the dancers, songs by the Jazz Band, and a show by the Magalia and Octet that welcomed back Mercersburg Academy alumni who had performed with these groups as students.

Created, cast, choreographed, and performed all in a little over one month, the Arts Showcase was one of the first of its kind to be put on for Family and Alumni weekend. Maria Rihn ‘24, a member of Magalia, said, “I really enjoyed both taking part in and getting to watch the showcase, as it was the first time of the year that we got to really see the different arts groups performing. I’d definitely say that this showcase was different than any other performances I’ve been involved in with Magalia. The fact that we were able to sing with past members of the a capella groups made it all the more meaningful.”

Bryan Morgan ‘07, alumnus, member of the arts department, and football coach, said, “I don't think any director would say they enjoy putting a performance together in a short amount of time… I know the start of the year has been challenging for me mentally with three quick performances with Chorale. I want our students to do well and always want them to be well prepared. And that takes time, period. Now, this is a big kudos to them! They buckled down and made it happen. The work they have put in to be prepared and perform beautifully should show everyone just how dedicated our students are to our Arts Programs. Solid performances aren't something that just happens because you want them to. You have to grind.”

The grind of all these groups paid off. Dancer Cricket Tatone ‘24 said “It was great. I think an arts showcase is a really good idea to show parents all of the arts. They probably wouldn’t get to see a band or dance concert if their child was in chorale, so seeing the full span of the arts here is great.”

Typically, only sports Performance Group Activities (PGAs) get a chance to perform during Family and Alumni weekend. This year, the Arts Showcase was included in the scheduling to give the Arts PGAs a chance to perform for their families. A resounding “Let’s do it again next year!” rang from all participating groups.

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