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Sounds of spring

Kyle Hwang '26

May 3, 2024

On Friday evening, April 26, the String Ensemble, Concert Band, Chorale, and Magtet held their annual Spring Music Concert at the Burgin Center for the Arts’ Simon Theatre. The families and alumni of Mercersburg were invited to the final concert of the school year, where the Class of 2024 gave its last performance, a culmination of months of practice and dedication. 

The evening commenced with a captivating performance by the String Ensemble, who set the tone with their interpretation of “Impact.” Michael Cameron, the director of the Mercersburg String Ensemble, said, “One thing that stands out is [the String Ensemble’s] dedication to each other and the music. We've cultivated a culture of collaboration and support within the group, which has led to some truly remarkable performances.” Cellist Thomas Zhu ‘26 noted that the String Ensemble was able to improve upon its performance due to feedback from Cameron with an emphasis on how each musician should listen to the others to harmonize smoothly. 

Following the String Ensemble, the Concert Band took the stage, performing three pieces to showcase their talents. Shami Beni, the Director of the Concert Band, praised the students for their tireless dedication, emphasizing the hard work and perseverance required to master challenging pieces like "First Suite in E Flat." He remarked, “Our band has been practicing for this concert since December – just a lot of work and figuring out.” Saxophone player Alex van Ess ‘24 commented on how much he had improved his tone by practicing alone and with the rest of the band throughout his musical career at Mercersburg. 

For the evening’s finale, Magtet and Chorale sang a beautiful rendition of “You’ll Be in My Heart,” which spoke to the audience as a hopeful goodbye for the seniors and post-graduates in Mercersburg Academy’s music programs who are graduating this month. Octet member Collin Jin ‘25 explained his process and motivation for singing. “I realized that just like how each voice, with a unique timbre and tone, harmonizes to produce beautiful music.” Collin mentioned that his singing career at Mercersburg has allowed him to adjust his vocal tone and range to complement the other singers to create a more cohesive and harmonic sound. Pema Namdol, Class of 2027, a Magalia singer, explained that her motivation stems from “music’s ability to bring about happiness and to soothe the audience.” 

As the curtains closed on yet another successful Spring Music Concert, the Mercersburg community left the theater inspired by the remarkable talents displayed on stage. While bidding farewell to the graduating seniors, the concert served as a reminder of the enduring legacy of musical excellence at Mercersburg Academy.

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