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Oh, word!

Sophie Han '27

Oct 13, 2023

Known for its range of performances under soft lights and its comfortable cafe-like atmosphere, Spoken Word has become an opportunity for students to come together and enjoy a shared love of art.

On Saturday, October 7, spectators and student performers convened in the Edwards Room for a night of poetry, music, short stories, and snacks. 

Michele Poacelli, the English department head and Writing Center Director, has worked with students to host Spoken Word in recent years. “You don’t always know what the kids can do, especially since there are not many chances to show them during day-to-day life of the school, so the most exciting thing about it [Spoken Word] for me is to see all the brilliance and spectacular magic the kids can do…My favorite part is always when the crowd is supporting the performers and friends on stage because they all recognize how nerve-wracking it can be performing in front of an audience, and it’s just very heart-warming to see how the community is understanding and supporting each other like this,” said Poacelli.

Spoken Word brought a variety of performers to the stage, encouraging people to share their talents with a supportive crowd. “Judy Ma’s performance was the first dance that we ever had on our setlist, and I think it worked out incredibly well. It was super awesome that she had the courage to sign up for something completely new. I hope this can empower more people to be creative with their performances,” said Kevin Hang ‘24, one of the emcees. Mikahel Martinez-Arocho ‘25 said, “Singing is not what I usually do in public, and I was really nervous. So singing in a small and safe space like this with my friends cheering for me was honestly much better than any other platform I can imagine. And honestly, as I got through the song, I got more comfortable with it, so I forgot how nervous I was when I was at the most emotional part of it and just sang.”

One of the audience members, Carrie Yang ‘27, said after the show, "Spoken Word depends on the wellbeing of the community, support, having the courage to perform, and the warmth of the audience to keep the performers going. And the overall atmosphere of coziness and comprehensive set up of the room inspired me to join Spoken Word for next season.”

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