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Looking toward to-Morrow

Rhiannon Myhre '25

Sep 22, 2023

This year, Mercersburg Academy is pleased to welcome Kristen Morrow, who comes all the way from Austin, Texas Mercersburg’s music department. One can find Morrow in the Burgin Center co-teaching choral and Band; she will also assist with Octet and Magalia, as well as serve as the vocal director and pit conductor for the winter musical. 

Morrow welcomed the school community at Convocation, leading the Chorale in a beautiful rendition of A Million Dreams from the hit film The Greatest Showman. It was evident from her first performance that Morrow will be a great fit, showing the same strong passion for the arts that has long characterized the music faculty.

Morrow first came to Mercersburg because of her love for boarding school: “I have always loved the boarding school environment and I have taught at a wide variety of schools, including public schools, independent day schools, and boarding schools in the past. However, the last time that I was in the boarding school environment was about 15 years ago and I realized how much I truly missed it,” adding, “When this position came up I knew that it was the perfect opportunity to get me back into the boarding school universe and closer to my family and friends, so when I put in for this job it all just seemed right.”  

Morrow gave some insight into her musical background. “Growing up, my father was a music teacher. He taught band, chorus, and orchestra and all of those things while also playing the organ, the piano, and just all of the instruments… so that is what I grew up around. I have always had a love for music and so I personally started taking lessons around the age of five. Later in high school I was in the marching band, orchestra, choir, and it was all very eclectic, but it was always fun.”

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