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JD Eicher inspires artists

Karin Sugiyama '27

Apr 19, 2024

Renowned singer, songwriter, producer, and novelist, JD Eicher captivated his audience with a passionate performance at the Simon Student Center on Friday, April 14. Born in Youngstown, Ohio, Eicher began his musical career by performing in coffee shops and on campus during his college years at Westminster College in Pennsylvania. 

Reflecting on his journey, Eicher said “It was definitely harder then than it was now. I mean, I am used to the rhythm of it but at the time I had to deal with stage fright, and repertoire and having to have the right amount of songs and all those things. But I think just my desire to do it and my love for songwriting kind of overpowered the challenges to get rolling. I just wanted to do so badly that I kept going at it.” 

Eicher continued, “The biggest struggle, honestly is just keeping it going because for the very reason that your successes when they come, you have these small, little baby winds along the way that kind of keep it going. But most of the time, in my case, I drive for hours and hours to gigs and a very large percentage of the gigs aren’t going to be great shows, but you have to do them and cut your teeth and pay your dues and all that. I think the hardest part, the ongoing struggle, is just to keep going and not lose the joy in all that.” 

Eicher’s deep connection to and love of music were evident as he spoke: “I fell in love with music in general, just emotionally how it can kind of be an escape and for me, writing songs help me figure my own situations out. It is a good way to sort through whatever I am going through, and then I love the other side when you get to perform that song and hopefully somebody else connects with what you are saying. It’s kind of a magic in that.” 

On the day of the performance, many students gathered to listen to his remarkable voice. Among them, Coco Zhai ‘24 was mesmerized by his artistry. “It’s really amazing and his voice is really, really amazing. I just really appreciate how the school is getting all the really amazing local artists to come. And I think overall it is really chill; the vibe is really chill. Everybody enjoys it and it's an amazing place for people to hang out.” As a fellow artist, Zhai was appreciative of his talents: “His voice has a soothing factor to it and the way he sings is just very emotional, especially with acoustic guitar. So like whenever I see an artist I feel like it inspires me to be a better artist as well.” 

During the performance, Eicher played numerous songs, including originals and covers such as “Yellow” by Coldplay and “Fast Car” by Tracy Chapman. He also responded to several song requests from the audience, further enhancing the inviting ambiance of the event. Eicher’s performance left a lasting impression, showcasing his talent and passion for music while inspiring fellow artists to continue pursuing their creative pathways.

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