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Dance Dance Recreation

Audrey Hua '26

Oct 20, 2023

Making its debut at Mercersburg Academy annual Club Fair, The Recreational Dance Club, known colloquially as Dance Club, is a brand-new group created to introduce all students—both proficient and inexperienced—to the world of dance.

Maggie Coors ‘25, one of Dance Club’s founders, said, “We want to gain new members and get people excited about learning to dance in a judgment-free space.” Another founder, Sophia Mielke ‘25, agreed: “We just want it to be a beginner space.” Elizabeth Orders ‘25, the third founder said, “A lot of people have bad experiences with it [dance] as a child and so we really want to make it more fun for them…Maybe people will even find a love for dance and end up joining the PGA, or start pursuing the academic classes.”

“I joined [Dance Club] because I really want to get into dancing, even when I don’t have the time,” said Margaux d’Arabian ‘25. “I used to dance but I stopped when I came here, so I want to follow up with old passions,” Crystal Chiu ‘25 added.

Avallina Orfield ‘25 said, “I want to learn how to get groovy on the dance floor.” Going on, Orfield admitted, “I tried out [dance PGA] one winter term in my freshman year, and got rejected.” But that didn’t deter her from joining Dance Club. Jaidee Promphan ‘25 and Marlo Williams ‘25 both said that they want to have fun dancing and learn the basics.

In addition to joining, herself, Orfield persuaded Bella Levina ‘25, to sign up. "I think every person should learn how to move the body. Dance really helps you understand your body better and connect with it,” said Levina.

With winter approaching, Dance Club encourages students and faculty alike to drop in on one of the club meetings to work up an effortless, yet fun sweat, while spinning across the floor with friends. After all, anyone can dance.

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