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Corbin's special review on Heather

Corbin Kelly '24

Feb 14, 2023

Perhaps it was just my location in the audience being in the front row, but there were many times when it felt as if I couldn’t hear any of the performers over all the other noise of the performances. It just seemed as though the mics weren’t able to project the actors’ voices over all the things going on. The accompanying music was phenomenal. It is impressive to be able to have an orchestra pit perform live, and it really elevated the entire experience in a way a CD can’t replicate. 

When the spotlights weren’t blinding me every time they swung our way (again, probably my fault for choosing the front row), the set design and costumes were amazing. I found myself laughing at the visual gags just as much as anything. The performers committed to each of their roles, sticking every joke with a wave of laughter.

There was so much going on during each scene that you could find something to laugh at just by watching the background characters throw snarky eye rolls at one another. It kept the performance entertaining the whole way through with very few sluggish moments. 

I will say I was not prepared for the stepladder scene or to watch Keri-Ann Denis ’25’s character popping pills on stage. I truly didn’t expect to be cackling one scene and then become anxious the next. It was hard to tell when the jokes were no longer jokes.

I wasn’t really sure when we were allowed to leave at the end. Maybe it was just the night I went on, but there was an awkward moment after the lights came on when we all had to sit back down and watch gift bags being given out to some of the cast and tech crew. I appreciate celebrating people that helped in the production, but it seemed like they didn’t even know what was going on.

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