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Blue Review review

Fran Garcia '26

Oct 13, 2023

This year marks the 50th anniversary of Blue Review, Mercersburg’s  student-run publication featuring arts and literary works by students.  The Blue Review staff works to take a year’s worth of student submissions and combine them into a booklet of around one hundred pages. Originally published weekly and titled “The Sunday Evening Review,” It even featured recipes in some of its earliest publications.

The Blue Review team works in two groups: arts and literature. Both of these collaborate in developing a theme, finding pieces, critiquing pieces, and designing/developing the book,” said Andrew Leibowitz ‘24, a member of the Blue Review team. 

Throughout its 50 years, Blue Review has won multiple awards with its most distinguished coming from the Columbia National Press Association. “For the past two years, and hopefully three with our newest book, we have won their highest award, the gold crown,” says Leibowitz.

“ [Blue Review is] the only publication of its kind on campus,” says Bob Hollis ‘24, another Blue Review staff member. Blue Review showcases a year's worth of work, acknowledging outstanding pieces created by students. Submitting to Blue Review and seeing their work published is something that many students look forward to every year. 

Blue Review embraces the spirit of teamwork and community at Mercersburg, as it is a student-led organization in charge of featuring those students who go above and beyond in their creative work.

For the 2023-24 school year publication, the Blue Review team is in the process of designing a theme and outlining the book’s design.  Because submissions will continue to come in throughout the year, it’s hard to predict exactly how the book will look.

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