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Baby’s first step (songs)

Tristan Paulette ‘27

Oct 6, 2023

I hadn’t heard of Step Songs before Family and Alumni Weekend last week. Now, I see why it’s one of Mercersburg's most unique and unforgettable traditions. As a new student, I had no idea what this tradition encompassed, and what it means to our community. I was just told to join my PGA group at the steps to Main Hall. Afterward, I realized that this is a truly amazing experience, one that has helped me to form closer bonds with the Mercersburg community.

Step Songs is a tradition at Mercersburg in which the community gathers to sing the school’s songs. These include M-E-R, Old Mercersburg, and the Alma Mater. There’s plenty of music and fanfare on the steps of Main Hall, followed by  a massive bonfire where students gathered for pictures and hot chocolate.

From my point of view, it was safe to say that we were hyped up, loud, and extremely excited about the event. It really helped to bring our school together, literally and figuratively. I thought it was a fantastic way to start the school year, and also show our families that Mercersburg is a place where we can feel safe and included. I didn’t really know all of the school songs and their exact functions, which made me feel a little awkward; however, over time, new students will learn all of the lyrics to feel more included in our annual Step Songs tradition.

I really respect our faculty for joining in on the school spirit, for two reasons. Firstly, it was awesome, hilarious, and fairly brave! Secondly, it shows that our faculty and staff, and even our former faculty, still have a dedication and commitment to we students here at Mercersburg.

I also appreciate the fact that most of the announcements came at the beginning and end versus being in the middle, so they wouldn’t interrupt us. However, I would prefer in the future that all of the announcements (Art Showcase, thanking parents, etc.) follow the festivities so that there isn’t a huge interruption between the pre-Step Songs activities (singing, music) and the actual event.

I had a few issues with some of the logistics and location of Step Songs, too. I wasn’t a fan of trying to cram the entire school onto a couple of stairs; it made for a really overcrowded and awkward time. Additionally, the end of Step Songs felt like a bit of a disaster, as the area got extremely crowded. I felt like I was being rushed down a river at the end. It would be nice to leave by row or by PGA’s in the future, as it will be less chaotic. 

Lastly, I would like to commend the band, led by Mr. Beni, for playing for us. They did an amazing job!

Overall, Step Songs was an amazing way for the Mercersburg community to bond with and get to know each other better. It creates school spirit and pride. From my perspective, I saw it as a great way to get the 9th grade hyped and excited for the school year. 

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