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A killer production

Selena Feng ‘24

Feb 14, 2023

Heathers is a dark-humor musical about Westerburg (OH) High students in 1989 and covers heavy topics including suicide, bodyshaming, murder, bullying, school violence, and sexual assault. Before stepping into the Burgin Center, I had the 1988 movie and the 2014 cast recording in mind. Stony Batter’s Heathers was not identical, but nonetheless, it was amazing and hilarious.

There were a few changes to make the show more appropriate for the audience. Most changes were necessary, as the humor was suited for the ‘80s, and would’ve joked about inappropriate topics. The language in iconic songs like “Candy Store” were PG’ed, which is understandable, but it was sad not being able to hear some of the most famous lines. 

My favorite part was how the actors superbly represented the characters. Tyerra Rooffener ’23 sang Veronica’s lines beautifully. Grace Chi ’25’s voice conveyed the crazed passion of JD. Keri-Ann Dennis ’25’s Heather McNamara perfectly characterized Heather’s personality and confidence throughout the first act with just her strut and her sass. All the Heathers heathered fashionably in heels, a very impressive feat. Kali Tembo ’23 and Margaux D’Arabian ’25 embodied Kurt and Ram’s toxically masculine energy splendidly through their saunters and chortles. The entire ensemble came together so well for “My Dead Gay Son,” and the matching suit pieces were spectacular. 

It was surprising by how clearly the audience enjoyed Heathers. All around me, I heard the sadness after William Tutt ’25’s betrayal during “Big Fun”; I heard the support for Rooffener’s rapping; I heard the cheers when the summer in ’83 was revealed; I heard the “oohs” when a character was dissed. The fight scenes, the lighting, the live music, the set, the cues, the singing, the choreography, and the acting all took so much practice and planning from Stony Batter, and it deserved its standing ovation.

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